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Our Channel
The Farmer, Broker & Authorized Company Purchasers
  • Farmers : The person growing the crops of paddy is called as Farmer. Direct purchase from farmers.
  • Broker : The Intermediary between the Company and the Farmers who is responsible for the negotiations and finalization of the Sale of

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Brokers select the Crops during the early morning hours and identifies the crops which fit to our requirements. However, the Company does not compromises on - Admixture, Health, Moisture etc.

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Company has a paddy purchase Department out of which each purchasers responsible for 5 - 6 Mandis. Every day Purchase Department visit each and every place and monitor the paddy done by the Purchasers during the day. During inspections, purchase department rejects any crop, not fulfillment the fixed requirements set by the company.

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Raw Material/ In Process/ Finished Products Assured Quality

Raw Material Quality Control
  • 100% Sampling of the procured consignment
  • Testing (Requirements Wise
    • Moisture
    • Broken
    • Health
    • Admixture
    • Immature Grains
    • Chalky Grains
    • Damaged - Discolored

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Storage Prevention And Preservation
The paddy is stored at a certain Moisture Level in all 3 Storage Modes
  • Silos : Safest Storage Mode
  • Ware House : Safer Storage Mode
  • Open Stack : Safe Storage Mode (Crates on the ground, with stacks on and covered with Tarpaulin, which
Controlled Pressure & Precession Processing
Converting Paddy into Quality Rice is an Art. In addition, to state of the art fully computerized production line, it is the experience of the Team controlling the production, which is responsible for the good and consistent quality of Rice. Besides the hi-tech machinery, the control of